One of the challenges that we must face, is the unprecedented humanitarian crisis Venezuela is suffering. Sixty percent (60%) of children suffer from acute malnutrition, and it is estimated that around three hundred thousand will die because of this. Therefore, we are obligated to start a nutritional intervention via high dense nutrient supplementation.
A malnourished child compromises his future and that of the nation. Our geographical position and facilities allows us to take care of our patients as well as children from surrounding communities. We are intended to serve 2,000 children providing them with a daily nutritious meal replacement supplement for a year. The meal has been developed and it is a high nutrient dense powder to be dissolved in water, which 33 gr serving contains 15 gr of protein, vitamin and mineral.  The meal will be manufactured in Dallas, Texas.

The following video reflects the drama suffered by children in all regions of Venezuela (Courtesy BBC News).