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Equine therapy is based on a comprehensive therapeutic method that uses the horse, within an interdisciplinary approach, to areas such as health, recreation, education and sport. Walking the horse together with his muscular conformation, the heat of his body, his pace and his nobility, stimulate neuronal permeability enhancing the quality of life of the person with physical-psycho-socio-sensory impairments. 

Equine therapy gives people the benefit of not feeling the intensity of the exercise, in other words, while the patient enjoys riding horse, he is being rehabilitated without greater effort and discomfort.

" Since 2001  Krines Foundation provides rehabilitation therapies using the horses."

It is based on using riding exercises tailoring riding equipment the special status or disability of the person.


It is technique based on taking advantage of the movement and contact with the horse to work jointly with the educational methods and/or therapeutic that enhance physical, emotional, social and psychological disorders of the rider

Equine Therapy Classification

Hippotherapy is a technique based on leveraging the effects of the horse movement   to work physiotherapy exercises and thus rehabilitate motor skills and sensory integration of the patient.


Equestrian discipline that consists in the practice of gymnastics on the back of the horse

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