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Brigitte is married and is the mother of three children. She speaks three languages, has a passion for animals especially horses and dogs. Her sensitivity for children, especially for those with disabilities, and her conviction of the benefits of Hippotherapy,  motivated her to create Krines Foundation. Brigitte is speech-language pathologist, Equine terapeuta and is specialized in sensory integration disorders.

CESAR ANTONIO RODRIGUEZ  Vice-PresidentDirector /Co-founder

1983 class  Texas A & M University, B.S Agriculture. Entrepreneur with more than 32 years of experience building and managing companies: agriculture, agro-industry, fertilizers, logistics and nutritional supplements. Believes in accountability and social activism; in justice and in helping the disadvantaged. He is co-founder of Krines Foundation. Cesar Rodriguez received a recognition as an Ambassador for peace by SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference) by President of round table Mikhail Gorbachev.

ANA KARINA RODRIGUEZ  Marketing Director 

Ana’s background is in marketing, digital design and project management. Ana, has always been passionate about horse and children. She has seen and lived the development of Krines Foundation Venezuela since it was conceived and has participated actively in its growth.  So being part of  Krines Foundation is not new to her, but has been significant in bringing together  the love and care for person, with special disability,  and the passion for horses. Ana graduated from UTD, and has competed in many equestrian disciplines : Cutting, barrel Racing , horse jumping and team penning.  


Cesar Graduated from UNT (University of North Texas) in Political Science and management but passionate about Social Media. Cesar is very concerned about people in need  and the future of our society, although one is not responsible for the misfortune of others we have the obligation to help. Being part of Krines foundation offers him the possibility of being an active player and not a passive observer.  


Santiago is a student of marketing. Like the rest of the family, is passionate about horses and music. He has been highlighted as a competitor in racing barrels, Team penning , and other equestrian disciplines. Since very young, he has been in contact with children with disabilities, so he appreciate that they are not different but special. Santiago and his siblings are committed to continue  Krines Foundation’s mission and Brigitte’s legacy.

ALBERTO ESCALONA , Chief Operating Officer.  
Alberto is a businessman in the agricultural sector with an impeccable track record. Since he assumed the management of the facilities he has implemented a process of continue  improvement to expand both the facilities and to diversify the equestrian activities. He and his family are passionate about horses and equestrian sports. His human qualities and his concern for others makes him a very valuable asset to the foundation.

CARMEN ALVAREZ, Administrative Manager and Therapy  Coordinator 

Carmen, was incorporated as a therapist in the year 2010. From 2015 she assumed administrative and coordination of therapeutic functions. She is responsible for coordinating all Staff related activities, organization of the schedules of the patients, and relationship with parents and representatives. Her love  for disable children was the reason she is dedicating  one hundred percent of her time to the foundation .

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